Deli delights

The Mint Deli is a known factor in Swellendam and they are a most reliable source of excellent goodies and a ever-changing menu. Now, to welcome the season they are bringing us a new look and a small but well chosen range of gifts and apparel.

Taste is another new addition to the town and is located in the SwellenMark. It is a small deli and supplier of spices, packing solutions and other interesting items. The range of deli meat is quite impressive and is all produced on Voorstekop farm.  Voorstekop, just past Swellendam on the way to Heidelberg comprises many hills and valleys of two special veld types which come together on this beautiful farm: Rûens Silcrete Renosterveld and Eastern Rûens Shale Renosterveld and both are Critically Endangered). Several rare and threatened species have been recorded in this lovely veld and the farm produces wheat, canola, barly, as well as coriander using ‘no till’ practices in combination with sheep and dairy cattle (jerseys). Voorstekop also has its own butchery, which also supplies jersey meat, some of which can be purchased at Taste.