Garden Route Accommodation

The view down our road

Wow – what a wonderful image- this was taken from right in front of Augusta de Mist, down Voortrek Street in the direction of the Dutch Reformed church. You can clearly see the gate to the church as well as the Cottage (ex Koornlands).

‘Devoted principally to agricultural and pastoral pursuits, the thriving little town of Swellendam wears an air of rural repose and serenity, apparent in the above representation of its main street. It cannot, however, be characterised as a dull town, as it possesses musical, dramatic, gymnastic, and other societies , besides cricket and football clubs. The Cape Central Railway has now extended its line from Ashton to Swellendam, and there is every reason to expect, with increased facilities for the transport of its produce, that progress and prosperity will soon follow the arrival of the iron horse.’