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Party like it’s 1795

Join the Republic of Swellendam’s annual Republic Day celebration at Mayville Museum in Swellendam’s Drostdy Quarter on 21 July and party like it’s 1795! This exciting and educational day has been planned as a taster to an even bigger Republic of Swellendam event to be held in 2013.

Everyone is invited to this fun-filled day, which will include live music, stalls, arts and crafts, kids entertainment and delicious food. This will all be presented and displayed in the beautiful and historic Mayville Museum garden. A number of business, resorts and parks from the whole region will also be represented, providing information on the wide range of activities they offer such as canoeing, horse riding and cycling.

Visitors will be invited to explore the unique Heritage Rose Garden, designed in 1978 by our very own Gwen Fagan and the beautiful Mayville homestead, which was built between 1853 and 1855. An access point will also be unveiled between the Bukkenburg Pottery Studio and the Mayville Museum grounds, which will give visitors a better opportunity to explore both facilities and all that they have to offer, including a pottery and art exhibition. There will also be the reveal of the new garden link between Bukkenburg Pottery Studio and the Mayville Museum.

Several competitions will add to the event: Enter the SwellenChef Competition, in the categories of the Best Melktert, Best Bobotie, and Best Cake. The SPCA has offered to help with fun Pet Competition including: the Best Owner-Dog Look-Alike, Best-Dressed Dog, and the Ugliest Dog. All of these events and activities are open to EVERYONE, FREE OF CHARGE and all the prizes are being sponsored by local businesses. The Canola Festival will be hosting a kids Paint-a-Bin Competition with the apt theme of canola. These bins will be put on display at the Canola Carnival, 9 to 12 Aug 2012.

Visitors will be tantalised with a wide variety of food stalls featuring the best that Swellendam has to offer. Included in the day’s festivities will be a number of activities to entertain the children, including a jumping castle, and a cart taking people on a short scenic trip through town. It is also a rare opportunity to relax and explore the Swellendam treasure of Mayville.

In 1795, the burghers of Swellendam took matters into their own hands and began to call themselves “national burghers”, after the style of the French Revolution. Some sixty men, occupied the Drostdy, forcibly relieving the current “landdrost” and the important meeting for a National Convention was held. The national burghers were determined to maintain their new constitution, for they declared, “We have for long enough been under the yoke of slavery, and we are now determined to risk the last drop of blood for our beloved fatherland and to live under a free republic.”

Today the Republic of Swellendam, the face of Swellendam Tourism, is about community, unity, love, art, music, good food, and beauty. Citizens of the Republic care about one another and about the environment in which they live. They treasure wildlife and nature.  They respect the ways and simplicity of country life, and protect the heritage and land for future generations and visitors to enjoy.

We are all looking forward to seeing you for an action-packed day filled with activities, heritage, events and great food. It will be a short stroll from our Swellendam hideaway to the fair in Martinus Steyn Street!!