Cape of storms? You bet…

…and another weather update today. Here are some images from friends in Swellendam to illustrate a few things that have been witness to during the current cold snap. We all think that it is much colder this year than last, with more rain and much more snowfalls across the country.

Bev Missing of Rain, our Swellendam Superbrand took this shot in the Hermitage, which is part of Swellendam.

Johan Kriek, manager of the Drostdy Quarter and all-round curator of note caught the Sugar Bridge at Buffeljachts almost engulfed with water, and this river is normally fairly tame… by the way: the name Buffeljachts comes from the fact that this was Simon van der Stel’s (14 October 1639 – 24 June 1712) favorite buffalo hunting spot.

Snow, rain and cold also means that many people need blankets, food and anything to help them keep warm with. It is a yearly drive to collect goods and then to distribute them. Cathy van Eeden of Swellendam TV fame took these lovely pics of her mission to warm up those who needed it most today. Amanda Shackley and Jason Booysen are seen here, helping to distribute the items. And someone got a teddy…

Friends from Johannesburg sent this pic of the Nelson Mandela bridge in Braamfontein, Johannesburg.

And my favorite image of the day… words are unable to describe the look in this lion’s eyes.