So what if it’s just a mention?

The first little blurb about the Passionate Pomegranate Co and the totally useable products that they produce has appeared. Because of print real estate being what it is, the Augusta mention went from a nice substantial amount to a sentence. But we are not complaining. All that is needed is the mention, by name, to keep us happy.

Watch the press and online media for lots more coverage as our two week PR blitz starts to pay off! When we in collaboration with Judi Rebstein from Old Gaol started to outline a launch plan earlier this year it all seemed so distant and somewhat unachievable but here we are. Passionate Pomegranate products will soon also be available at my favorite deli ‘Volker’s Feinkost’ on Main Road, Paarl next to Kika. When Maika, Volker’s wife, tasted the product at Augusta’s African Kitchen earlier this week she was hooked!

Food wine Click to enlarge and enjoy the read by our friend Jane Surtees.