Eco Retail in Swellendam

Seon Eco Village is a familiar participant in most markets around Swellendam, regularly appearing at the Farmers market on the R60 as well as the Under the Oaks market on Church Square next to Old Gaol. It was with much joy that we learned of the opening of the Seonae Eco Centre opening this week right here in Swellendam.

The team from Seonae provide the freshest produce, grown locally (often organically) and where conventionally produced, the eco benefit is the fact that the produce did not travel for hundreds of kilometers subject to refrigeration. They will also retail the most unusual herbal and vegetable seedlings (just perfect for the Augusta kitchen garden) as well as the wonderful worm ‘tea’, a compost extracted from wormeries, which results in the most perfect produce and happy plants.

Other ranges which the have become quite known for include fruit, vegetables, wild plant Enzymes, honey, farm bread, on-tap olive oil and free-range eggs. They will also offer organic, fair trade, chemical free coffee and a very specialized range of Oriental tea. Lastly, they are the perfect people to chat to and learn about self-sustainable living, organic growing and herbal medicine.

Ask us for directions to get to their shop – you will be so glad you visited!