Leopard Project

Another great pic captured by the Leopard Project near Robertson.  Learn more about the work they do here.

The Landmark Foundation protects predators and secures biodiversity on agricultural and protected land in South Africa through predator rescues; research; expansion of predator-friendly habitats; education; advocacy as well as Fair Game, wildlife-friendly products

They exist to build the Conservation Economy. The Landmark Foundation is a conservation NGO that promotes and facilitates conservation land uses. The Leopard & Predator Project was established in response to human-predator conflict on farms in South Africa. Field work is carried out in the Southern and Eastern Cape, RSA.

Other projects by the foundation include:
– Protected area expansion work,
– Tourism development,

– Local economic development that concentrates on conservation,
– Waste recycling,
– Renewable energy development, and
– Species conservation.

The Landmark Foundation recognises that the intact natural landscapes of Southern Africa re-gion are under threat from irresponsible human activities. These landscapes are now amongst our most treasured landmarks. The threats to these places are the result of land-uses that have degraded the aesthetic value of the areas and the biodiversity patterns and processes con-tained in them, and in most cases for short-term financial gain.

What is required is a landmark change of thinking and behaviour, whereby biodiversity and landscape conservation provides investment returns and benefits to people, that in turn creates incentives for its conservation. The Landmark Foundation strives to build the conservation economy so that these landscapes can effectively be conserved.