Mullineux wine at Augusta’s African Kitchen

New at Augusta’s African Kitchen is the Mullineux Family Kloof Street Chenin Blanc. We can safely say that we are the only establishment in town who carries this amazing product – we also have a few bottles of their simply gorgeous Three Foxes Darling Sangiovese, which is as cool as the name suggests.

Mullineux is a small, highly focused Family winery based in the village of Riebeek Kasteel producing a select Family of hand-crafted wines from the granite and shale based terroirs of the Swartland Region of South Africa. They are also great friends, excellent parents, good dog owners and the nicest people we know.

The Swartland is a beautiful and wild place. The landscape is a series of rolling hills, with a few significant outcrops of rock that form the Paardeberg, Riebeek Kasteel and Piketberg Mountains. It is not an easy place to establish vines, and is a region that has as much of an influence on the vineyards and people who farm there as the people have on the land itself. This brings to mind what film director David von Ancken has to say about the old American West: “The primal, universal power of the landscape strips away everything but the truth of men’s souls.”

In much the same way, they feel the Swartland landscape bares the souls of grape vines, and in those varieties that can take the ruggedness, true personality of site is revealed.

The Mullineux Kloof Street range is all about fresness, balance and great drinkability. And it is named after the street on which we lived, just up the road from Chris and Andrea. It is still of course the home of Augusta on Kloof, our Riebeek Kasteel self catering house.

Mullineux has just been listed in The Guardian as one of the Best 20 Wines for Christmas 2012. And we cannot agree more…