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Seonae Music & Food

Swellendam has the pleasure of hosting a traditional Korean Music Performance on Saturday 24 November at the at Seonae Eco Centre right here in the centre of Swellendam.This is the second performance of the group, the previous performance having take place 3 weeks ago at the Seonae Eco Village just outside town, which was a splendid success. The musicians are leaving South Africa in a couple of weeks on a tour of Morocco and then on to Europe. We are lucky to have them with us for yet another performance!
The Seonae Eco Village is an amazing concept and is the place where we get our very organic produce from. They are also producers or the most amazing worm tea, which is used to give plants a super-boost as it is a by-product of the wormeries which they also sell. Perhaps most interesting is the production of plant extract enzymes, which the group sell, but the also have regular courses on the production of plant enzymes which can be easily done at home.
The live Korean Traditional Instrumental Performance will be followed by a delicious vegetarian Korean Dinner. The cost for the evening is R85 per person and R40 for kids under 14.

Performing at the Eco Village