Garden Route Accommodation

Without a paddle

Long before the idea of a guesthouse in Swellendam was even a possibility and life was all about ad campaigns and clients, one of the highlights of the year was to take the road to Swellendam and rip a few all-nighters. It didn’t matter whether you were a staunch oke, a trance tripper, a hip hipster or a hip hop head. It didn’t even matter if you were a zombie robot. And it still doesn’t. Tomorrow sees the start of Up the Creek 2013 and while things change in the real world, here on the banks of the Breede, mercifully, things haven’t really changed much at all. At Up The Creek everyone comes together. No VIP nonsense. No pretence. No cliques. Just a beautiful river. Three epic stages. Thirty awesome live bands and our country’s coolest comedy acts.

So don’t make plans between the 31st of January and the 3rd of February because you could be setting up camp just outside of Swellendam for three days and three nights of happy, happening madness. You can rock, laugh, sing and yes, get wet. And a little crazy. Maybe a lot crazy. Think of it as Woodstock. Just wetter.

Click here to see the line-up and click here to see ticket options for this year’s event. It’s one stage at a time too so you don’t have to miss out on anything. This thing isn’t just Called Up The Creek because you’re in the Breede River. There have been incidents of Ballerina flash mobs, celebrity weddings, gentlemen parading around with flaming newspapers in their rears, lobster lilo’s and countless other insane shenanigans. And that’s just the things we’re allowed to mention on our blog…

So it doesn’t matter if you have big biceps or skinny jeans, or an ironic mustache, or a non-ironic one. At Up the Creek you can be yourself, and get together. And that counts for the acts too because at Up The Creek everyone parties together and hangs out.