Bains Cape Mountain Whisky is the best

Take that whisky snobs. Bains Cape Mountain Whisky, distilled in Wellington, has won the award for Best Grain Whisky in the world for 2013 , as awarded by Whiskey Magazine. Of course we have been singing Bains’ praises for a while now. It is the only whisky we serve in the restaurant, besides our Kentucky Bourbon, but that is another story…

The World Whiskies Awards took place in London last week, where more than 300 whiskies battled it out during three intensive blind tasting rounds, for the coveted title of ‘2013 World’s Best Whiskies’.

After last year’s Japanese domination of the single malt category, Islay’s Ardbeg Distillery carries off the top single malt title, returning the crown to Scotland. Japanese whiskies still remained strong in the Blended and Blended Malt categories, and the venerable Master of Malt 40 Years Old liqueur scooped the Liqueur category. South African whisky featured in the top ranks again this year with Bain’s winning the title of World’s Best Grain Whisky.

Judges for Whisky Magazine’s independent editorial panel were drawn from the best drinks journalists and retailers across the world, with industry representatives made up of master blenders, distillers and brand ambassadors in the final round.

Some tasting notes from the competition:
Dave Broom
Nose Sweet with some Greek yoghurt & honey. Banana split with toasted hazelnut and Demerara sugar. With water, freshly cut wood, vanilla and a thyme/rose lift.
Palate Sweet with huge vanilla pod creaminess, cocoa butter and light spices from the oak.
Finish Coconut cream and allspice.
Comment Light spirit with big sweet first-fill American influence. Delicious and easy drinking.
Rob Allanson
Nose Very sweet hit at first. Plenty of pencil shavings, vanilla from the oak and just a slight herbal edge to it. In time a little green tobacco.
Palate That sweetness follows on with vanilla custard and a gentle spiced edge.
Finish Clean and crisp.
Comment A very easy whisky to get on with.

No wonder our friend James Mckenzie of Nabygelegen is so proud of living in Wellington.