The Gift

The gift for Archbishop Tutu and his wife, Leah, has emerged from the kiln. And it is a beauty. Leading South African ceramic artist and our neighbor, John Newdigate, agreed to create a large platter for the Tutu family to remember the day by. The decision was to create something which is not merely a decoration or memento but a very functional item which can become part of daily life for the family. Hence a super large platter.

The Tutu Plate


Depicting natural and organic shapes in his work, artist John Newdigate creates gloriously vibrant pieces in his ceramic bowl and vase collection.

Using both carving and luminescent painting techniques, the artist infuses his pottery with a life-like movement that radiates with warmth and glossy colors. Many of the pieces carry water motifs with shimmering and rippling surfaces that reveal depth and dimension below. The bowls from this collection can be used to serve fruit and snacks, as beautiful centerpieces on an elegant dining table or as glorious works of art to mount on the wall. The robust vases would look charming on mantelpieces and accent tables. Every design in John Newdigate’s ceramic bowl and vase series features a stunningly decorative exterior. “People often assume that my fish bowls are made from earthenware, when they are in fact made from porcelain. I took these images on a sunny spring morning to show the translucency that would be impossible to achieve with earthenware.”