A new month – a new craft market

Living in a small town means that you have access to markets, fresh produce, unique handmade items and the generosity of spirit which is not normally associated with big city living.The new location of the Swellendam Craft Market is inspired. Not only do you feel like shopping and browsing and tasting and sniffing and chatting BUT you can also order coffee, milktart and roosterkoek from Old Gaol. On the banks of the Koornlands River is a fine place for a couple of bistro tables and some chairs from where you can soak in the country charm and let the caffeine work its magic.

The next BIG market is planned for Republic Day on 18 June. On that occasion the market will be livened up with performers and talented Swellendammers. The organisers of the craft market are really keen on the market developing a substantial food component and with the setting and the example set by Judi and Michelle at Old Gaol, the food offering is destined for real growth.

Much later in the year a special evening Christmas by Candlelight market is planned with carols and other Yuletide goodies.