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Why are we so excited about the City Sightseeing red buses launching in Johannesburg in 2013? Well the answer is obvious.  Johannesburg’s inner-city is one of the most dynamic and exciting places to visit in all of South Africa. Sure, it may not be as picturesque as the landscapes of the Drankensberg, the Western Cape or Swellendam and yes, travellers love seeing these astoundingly beautiful places. Yet, visitors sometimes leave South Africa with great memories of scenic places without having had the opportunity to get to understand the country, its people and culture.

For anyone who truly wants to understand South Africa, we recommend a visit to the Johannesburg inner-city. It is a microcosm of South African society and a few hours of walking in this city will give anyone extraordinary insight into the vibrant rainbow nation. Joziburg is currently undergoing a remarkable rebirth. A welcome change from the most severe urban decline it experienced in the 1990s and early 2000s! Just go and  look at areas such as Maboneng, Braamfontein and the corporate mining district in the Marshalltown area and you will be astounded by the city’s new vibe.
We believe that Johannesburg’s inner-city provides a hopeful glimpse into the future of South Africa. Here people from all walks of life, from all income groups and from all races live together and mingle in public space. It is an incredibly diverse, energetic and creative society. Unlike the suburbs of Joburg, people don’t hide behind high walls in the inner-city. Instead they share public space and embrace the urbanity of their city.
Until now it was a somewhat daunting idea for foreign travellers to explore theJohannesburg inner-city and it is no surprise that walking tours such JoburgPlaces and Past Experiences are so popular.

But the City Sightseeing buses will make exploring the city infinitely easier. From 2013 travellers will be able to arrive at Park Station by Gautrain and then hop on to a City Sightseeing red bus to travel through the inner-city and beyond. They can get off at various stops to explore the streets, full of rich heritage and history. We cannot wait to take our first trip on this bus!