Garden Route Accommodation


It is a joyous day at Augusta de Mist, as we finally finish 2 months of hard work and renovations on our new suite. Buchu is the most private of our suites, as it is on the quietest part of the property surrounded by several gardens and forest. It also has a private road connecting it to Shand Street which runs parallel to Human Street where our main parking area is situated.

6 bedroom6 lounge

The suite has a very beautiful bathroom with a custom made bath from Living Stone which we designed. We think that Buchu is our most boutique suite yet with teal walls, duck egg blue curtains, wonderful rich Hertex custom upholstery original art, Jan van Riebeek cushions, and more. We appreciated when good friend Lew Rood brought a close friend for the night (and dinner) and she commented that it was a real treat to get real urban styling in a town more known for riempie, ball & claw and pointlessly dark ‘perfect-for-a-guesthouse-but-made-in-Bali-Teak’ schlock decor.

In front of Buchu is the 2000 sq m (21 528 ft²) Cape Myrtle Meadow, which is currently undergoing intense rehabilitation after years of neglect. This Meadow will hopefully become a healthy ecosystem in time with a range of indigenous plants including Acacia, Water Pear, Cape Oak, Cape Ash, and of course lots of myrtle ground cover. 


To the side of Buchu is a large Bamboo Bush which is reached by pathway across Cape Myrtle Meadow. The Bamboo Bush is at the edge of the portion of land which we added mid-2014. From the Bamboo Bush you take a few steps to walk in the newly tamed Quarry Forest, which also includes a climb to the top of the hill and a very pretty walk along a seasonal stream (which only runs about twice a year) and this takes you deep into the ravine where guests can take a break, and view our prolific birdlife. 


This area is also home to our resident porcupines, and we take great care not to create paths which could disturb their hiding places. This new addition provides guests with 5 000 sq m (53 820ft²) of extra space and privacy.